Wednesday, August 4, 2010

hell freezes over

Ha! We WISH :) I told somebody today that if hell is anything close to what this past week is, I'm gonna turn my life around and be really really good, like the week before Christmas only all the time...even when nobody's looking! The heat of August in the south is something that the old timer's tell tales about back in the day before AC. A lot of 'em worked in the fields and inside factories where there wasn't even a fan. The brother of one of my oldest friends died from heat exhaustion while pouring concrete in it one year. Not to be with messed with for those of us who live in comfy cool houses. The sawmill was so hot that our chemistry analyzers shut down a time or two and I was walking around with wet hair and my scrubs rolled up to my knees. I'm wearing shorts tomorrow....hide and watch.

BG took me on a backroads tour to the place that she and BF have found to call home. I was stunned when we pulled into that shady driveway, marveling at the resemblance between the scenery there and where we live now. There is a front porch swing, old barns and corn fields everywhere and a landlord close by. There is a pond. Faith and I checked out the tiny back porch, constructed of old barn wood like that which has lined our fencerows for decades. It is a very old home, like ours, with all the possibilities that come with that character. What could have been a very tough moment for me turned into a big fat mother daughter hug.

Stopped at the dollar store on the way home to get a new box fan but they were out of the cheap ones so I'll just stick with the one that has no grill. I kid you not.....we had maintenance guys in our ceilings today pulling them off. Not many happy campers in that bunch, if you know what I mean. The one in charge of the whole deal who seems terribly overwhelmed by his job at times, just stood there and took it like a man while my boss let him have it. It was truly a kodak moment.

I hear my babygirl singing to the animals so it's time to bond. Sam is still after Faith so I'll have to break them up first. Keep the faith ^j^

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  1. Just a note to let you know I'm readin' them every day.
    Hugs and prayers