Thursday, August 12, 2010

live from the desert

I'm through bitching about the heat because it's what's for breakfast lunch and dinner over most of the country. It's August, and this too shall pass. Just be thankful if you're not on the football team or in the marching band at this time of the year. Sometimes it pays to be the literary type, ya know?

Gigi and I were treated to lunch by Mom today and we had wonderful girl time. Later she toured the home where I grew up and fell in love with daddy's UT collection. There's an ENTIRE room of Vols memorabilia, right down the the orange and white comforter. I have a very strong feeling it won't be long until that becomes my room again, thirty five years after I vacated....leaving it to my youngest brother. I was the only one who went to college of the three of us, and both of 'em are better off financially than I am. Go figure that one>!?

We are packing slowly here, going through things slowly and with deliberation deciding what is a memory and what is trash. Sometimes, there is a fine line there. Except for BG's childhood stuff, the attic is empty now after years of yard work. My china is there, which will go with her when she moves. Her favorite kitchen table and chairs are going as well. I grew up surrounded by the history of my family's things, and I want her to do the same. Does that make sense?

Weary doesn't begin to touch this kind of tiredness. Time for a nap, ya'll.


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