Saturday, August 7, 2010

it's a girl thing

The heifer's wedding has caught up with us so me and the BG did some serious food prep for her shower yesterday in between naps and whatnot. It was nice to see all of her family together in one place, on the same page. Both of the flower girls were in attendance along with their mothers. As long as I've known Heather, which was since way back in the day...I had never met her daddy until he showed up with a dyson vacuum thrown over one shoulder and a grandchild on the other arm. While she opened presents, me and BG and Kimo chatted about the old days when they were wild and free and doing their best to outsmart the older generation by being sneaky. As I recall, there was a visit from the law over that particular adventure. Back then we had no cellphone and the land line rang sometime after midnight with Drew on the other end, asking for BG.

I immediately wondered why she hadn't answered and got up to investigate only to find her bed stuffed with something under the covers that resembled a couple of bodies. Didn't find out until today that they got away with it on Friday night too as they "camped out" around a tent pitched in the yard. Did the same thing myself so who can blame them...ya know? Nothing draws boys with cars out of the woodwork faster than a tent pitched in a teenaged girl's yard. It was fun catching up and remembering that with them. I've got a feeling we'll all know each other REALLY well before this wedding comes off in October.

I've been having withdrawals from Gigi's pool so I stopped by late yesterday just to get wet. They were many margaritas ahead of me so I didn't stay long. I dropped by today after breakfast with the grands to catch up on the state of our sisterhood. Bless her heart, she's having to payback by going to a jewelry party that got booked off of hers. I took Louella out for a stroll so she could pee so I guess we're friends now too.

Daddy called me while we were at the shower yesterday ( where the cops showed up, by the way) to tell me he had left a picture of himself on the front porch for me. He's about 13, sitting up on a fencepost all cocky like, in typical Stafford smartass fashion. I told him that his look in that pic is the whole reason for my smartass side. I was outside smoking when the cop pulled up and I asked if we were in trouble. Seems that SOMEBODY left the back door unlocked and when I went wandering looking for a bathroom I set off the alarm. Only me.

Counting the days until the temp drops to eighty something. Hope you are the same.


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