Saturday, March 18, 2017

the princess mayor

I had to run by the sawmill to approve my time and stopped by the gentral' for one thing.  I haven't seen Mozella in a week or two so I stopped by this morning to find her holding court in the den following breakfast.  Her daughter and daughter in law were there as usual and we visited and chatted about every little thing including the "great flood" where we all got trapped for a week.  Well, except for James Frank and his boat.  They told me about a fish jumping into it and him going apeshit trying to do something with it.   No telling what it was coming from the mighty Forked Deer.  We talked about my parents and missing them and about the future possibility of moving the cabin uphill.  I have a feeling there will be a TV crew and everything if it happens.  I know for sure my reporter friend Rachel has it on her radar.  

It's a beautiful day and all vegetation is uncovered and loving the sunlight.  There was a good rain last night along with thunder and lightning which is what lulled me to sleep.  12 hours later I still didn't want to get up pretty outside!  I've always been able to sleep like the dead if I know there's nowhere to be.  

A Trumpy troll came after me on a post about the cuts to public television and the arts.  I responded intelligently and let it go.  There is no arguing with that flock.  Larry and I had a long conversation/gossipfest yesterday afternoon and he's almost ready to go back to work following heart problems.  A victim of the failing VA medical system he had to jump through a lot of hoops to get it done.  I'm surprised the budget cutters haven't decided to just privatize the whole thing, which may happen yet.  My mother was eligible for VA aid and assistance to help pay for her assisted living following Daddy's death.  It was filed in August and she died the following January without ever seeing a penny.  

My parents were part of a generation where folks were treated fairly and with good planning they were able to maintain a lifestyle that was comfortable.  As a retired USDA employee he drew about 3/4 of what he was making at retirement.  Mom had a teeny tiny monthly SS benefit because she worked for people who didn't pay in due to her employment status, namely the great state of Tennessee.  It's complicated.  

When I retire I will have the monthly SS "entitlement" which will cover my rent basically.  There's a teeny tiny lifetime pension from a previous employer which I already draw at a reduced rate.  Oh, and I pay federal taxes on it.  I'm hoping that at about the time I can't go anymore either Sugardaddy will show up or Lauren will take me in.  Maybe I can afford one of those cute little independent living apartments since I'll be technically poor.  I have no assets....nada.  

So, today there is no agenda and I like that feeling.  It's ideal for endless piddling which ends up with things a little more organized.  Y'all seize the moment, whatever it may be.  

Carpe diem ~

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