Wednesday, March 29, 2017

the perfect storm

Here we go again with the monster tornado making weather dammit.  Big hugs to the Dyersburg EOC for getting those sirens up and running.  I ran into an old friend of BG's this morning at the chicken store, both of us headed for duty.  He's a first responder with the Dyersburg Fire Department.  Y'all can't imagine how many it takes to save a life.  You look great Meeks.

The sawmill was (anything but quiet) because all we hear is centrifuges and such.  Lots of technology lives in that lab.  We have two new chemistry analyzers coming on board soon.  All of this automation is overseen by trained professionals who review results before they are released to physicians.  If there is an alert value meaning " out of range " then it is called to the patient unit and ultimately passed onto said physicians. There's a lot of interfacing involved.  My badge still didn't work today so I guess I'm fired. 

I sat at a table with peers today and discussed things that we all know are important.  Today, I felt that my voice was heard.  It was in that very room where bossfriend and I faced the entire surgical team including a very angry anesthesiologist and absent surgeon for an RCA.  We got absolutely crucified that day. It was all OUR fault because the surgeon wasn't aware he could ask for emergency release of blood when he fucked up had a patient in distress.  There was a freaking notebook full of pages with his signature.  Exhibit A.  His partner saved his ass as long as he could but then went on with his life.  Once I went and picked Roy up at the service station where he was getting an oil change.  OR needed him!

Here's to all of us who save lives and even the ones who don't. At least we try ~

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