Thursday, March 23, 2017

age trumps intention

I used to adore spending hours in the yard piddling and pruning.  Like my father, I knew where everything was planted and what needed what kind of care.  When I first moved here there was a huge forsythia "tree" all wrapped in honeysuckle....big mess.  I tackled it like a trojan and cleaned it up to where it's a normal size bush.  There's some kind of cane thing that blooms in August...very unusual.  When it dies off you have to physically remove the canes for the new growth to emerge.  I did that today and it kicked my old ass.  Ryan takes very good care of my yard and has cleaned it up superbly but there's something in me that still wants to get out there and give it the old college try.  The tiny saplings that I bought for a buck from the Arbor Day foundation have grown into full size apple trees and one that is strictly for decoration.  That one is covered in multtflora rose which got me good.  I think I'll wait for the experts.  

Yesterday was a late one at the sawmill so I stayed up late and slept in.  I kept dreaming that I couldn't find my car which was disturbing.  It may be old and ratty but it's all I've got!  I think I'm afraid it's just gonna' give up the ghost and then I'll be really screwed.  One day at a time.

I miss my family, especially BG.  She's happy with life and in a good place but our work schedules don't often mesh for visits.  Plus, she has no ride so it's on me and the trusty Camry.  Every time I hit 412 I pray for safe travel.  I now wear my seat belt ALL the time thanks to two over eager troopers and the threat of a 50 buck fine for next offense.  I guess they made their point.

It is Daddy that I think of most at this time of the year.  We used to walk our respecdtive yards together to see what was poking up out of the earth.  There's some kind of ornamental flowering tree up by the pond near the by-pass right behind the beaver dam.  I've watched those delicate white blooms appear for many many years in my travels up and down the road.  Today I paused to take a picture.  

That cold spell did a number on the garden even though it was covered.  Hostas are up.  There are no tulips due to varmints.  Except for narcissus and grape hyacinth the show is pretty much over until iris time.  The azaleas are not looking at all well except for a random bloom.  Crepe myrtles are out of control except for the one Big John and Little Sharry gave me for my 40th birthday.  There are two dogwoods in the yard that I dug up MYSELF out of the ditch down the road and they are huge.  I miss having the physical stamina to do that sort of thing.  And the time.  

Y'all enjoy the day.  I'll be here doing laundry and attempting to clean the nasty ass house.  It looks much better, but still shows that I have adult ADD.


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