Monday, March 13, 2017

dragging ass

I'm so used to running a high BP that when I take the meds right and it's normal, I feel like walking through quicksand.  I reckon that's just how we play the healthcare game.  It snowed again this morning but wasn't the pretty kind like on Saturday.  This is my "long" week meaning five straight.  Although working the weekend is a pain sometimes, at least there's a break here and there with a weekday off.  Another perk to the weekend is not having to deal with so much administrative "stuff."  

It's kind of a curisoity to me that the widely broadcast terrorist acts are not front page news now that the election is over.  Just a thought.  I'm sure they're all just afraid of Trumpy.  Join the crowd.  The violence in Syria has ceased to be reported now that he is in office and playing footsie with you know who.  Meanwhile, our entire infrastructure is in peril because he has surrounded himself with idiots and so many key positions remain unfilled.  In other words, nobody is on the same page and the inmates are running the asylum.  Take Ryan, for instance.  Please take him far far away!!

Y'all play nice and call your mother ~

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