Tuesday, March 7, 2017

little moments

I beamed when I saw Rachel's family at the state capitol!  Her son won an award and their trip was an important family moment.  Our state is controlled by the GOP as in by gawd Obama's gonna take my guns.  I mean as in good old rocky top and all that.  And "hold my beer and watch this!".  I love the diversity our our people and the history of the old South.  Y'all Yankees can't imagine the stuff we've seen.  Or maybe you can. Up north there were union bosses and an entire system built on immigrant labor much like slavery in the south.  So here's my question Donnie.....when we deport all the immigrants who will be left?  Instead of turning away refugees how about stop playing footsies with the governments that made them homeless.  Look.  I can sit on the couch with a camera too dude so can I be secretary of repeal and reform. 

WHICH brings me to healthcare.  I'm a veteran of 44 years, including college.  I've seen it all and then some.  While our heads of state bicker over who tweeted what about whom, we are facing a global healthcare crisis.  For years our country has subsidized those who are less fortunate. Why, then can we not provide the basics free:  all preventive care.  That's because there's an empire built on diagnostics and procedures and treatments. Bartering among the biggies like insurance, pharm and for profit healthcare pads the pockets of shareholders and O's.  Often there are spinoff businesses such as debt collection management.  Umm. Yeah.

On a happy note the sun is shining following a monsoon yesterday and I have an asparagus spear up.  Daddy's peonies are way up there and there's a lot of baby wheat to be pulled out.  Other than that, life is peachy.

Remember who you are ~

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