Thursday, March 2, 2017

farmer girl

Well, it's official.  I have turned into my farmer father only in a more earth friendly way.  I now visit Pennington Seed and Supply every other day to see what's new that I can add to the straw bed.  On my way out I noticed tomato plants on a cart by the front door and had already checked out.  I'll be going back for two of those to keep in pots inside until the end of April. This gal don't play.

While I was there I ran over and did a walkthrough at The Mill and was impressed with the progress.  It's almost ready for a Tencom move!   It really excites me to see this area of downtown coming alive again.  That street leads right to the river and it wouldn't take much to put a park there.  The farmer's market is right up the street as well.  

So today I planted romaine, onions and cute little johnny jump ups plus sowed some carrot seed.  While I was doing that I glanced over and noticed that the burgandy peony of Daddy's that I dug up the hard way is sprouting through the straw.  His finch feeder is filled and hanging in the pyrocantha.  All is well.

Grow your own ~

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