Sunday, March 5, 2017

living like a refugee

I have been too lazy to go grocery shopping but it's going to have to happen soon.  I eat breakfast and lunch at work from their tantalizing menu *snort* and have started picking something up from a gas station on the way home for dinner.  The chicken store tends to bloat one quite a bit so I hit up Casey's today for a footlong sub that will make two meals.  

Yesterday morning in the dark on the way in I spotted a tiny black and white animal which looked kind of like a kitten.  I didn't see it until the eyes were shining in my headlights and couldn't avoid it so there went a soft *bump and I knew it was road kill.  I tried talking myelf into turning around about halfway into town but kept moving because that would not be a good picture to carry into the workplace for a day starter.  It's gone today so instead of assuming that the vulchers got it, I'll believe that it ran off into the brush to mama.  

My internet service is sort of at the end of the line for my provider because of the sparse number of houses out this way.  My brother pulled some strings way back when to get connectivity for my parents and me.  I've had three outages in the past few months which sometimes mysteriously go away.  Yet another repair dude is coming tomorrow to see if there's something going on with the line because tech support said that they're forcing bandwidth my way to keep my speed up to what I'm paying for.  The city has access at the golf course and airport which are right behind me but the local cable provider refuses to expand 1/4 mile for me and the neighbor.  

It rained off and on today so there's no watering to be done.  Yesterday I rigged up the hose on my Tennova green lawn chair and let it act like a sprinkler.  Work smart, I say.  The 'maters are inside looking healthy and special.  I still can't believe that peony came up so quick.  Now I know the proper time to plant something you've had your eye on!

The farther I move emotionally away from what I knew, the stranger I feel.  It's kind of like being at an in between place.  Corporate visits in May so I imagine the details of the cabin being moved ( or not ) will be worked out then.  I didn't realize, like DUH, that if there is no wifi the TV fire stick doesn't work.  Live and learn.  

I'm off tomorrow, Lord willing.  It's a good thing because I'm pretty much dragging ass.  Still shining though.  

Keep smiling ~

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