Thursday, March 30, 2017


Oh.My.God. What a freakin' day!  We were spared from a tornado last night and I woke up surprised to not be blown into the field.  It's so odd how those cells will just splinter on a whim.  Work was busy busy and everybody had things on their mind.  The usual cluster.  

A big thunderstorm moved through right before I left so the timing was good on that.  By the time I got to Southtown the sun was out.  I'm afraid to even look in the basement because the snakes will be swimming in the muck.  Time to block that door.  

I've been doing arm pulls on Sondra all day to release some of that right shoulder tension.  It all starts in the neck and shoulder area and eventually the limb goes numb.  Stretching the fascia allows the trapped nerves and muscles to relax.  Easy peasy PLUS physical therapist created and approved.  John Barnes.  Google it.  

Speaking of which Gay and Sandy are at the beach while the rest of us poor souls carry on.  Next time I'm hitching a ride with these two.  We are sisters by choice just like a bunch of others.  Whenever I have found the world too much to bear, they come out of the woodwork as a tribe holding my hand and chanting"You can do this"


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