Thursday, March 9, 2017

damage control

Per my usual luck, I have a cool weather garden planted that will more than likely get SNOW Saturday so I'll have to scurry and cover things.  Country girl will survive.  I called to visit an old friend who is very sick today and his wife sounded like she was about to lose it so I postponed my visit until the snowy weekend.  Everybody at work has new hair and I'm about to be one of 'em.  I'm plotting with Headlines right now.

This whole make America great again thing is about to get on my nerves.  We are already great you idiot.  You did not win the presidency because people like or respect you.  You won by default and don't even have the decency to let by gones be by gones.  To tweet insults at your preceding POTUS and also ruin healthcare in one week is, as my mother would say, not acceptable.  You are stoking the fires of violence, hatred and bigotry and God will get you for that so don't even get me started on the immigration thing or public education.  Geez.

That was a short rant for me which is pretty much how I roll these days.  Giving my power away to those who have no clue is counter productive to living a peaceful life so I choose to keep that power to short spurts of frustration.  Then I move onto rainbows and unicorns.


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