Wednesday, March 8, 2017

divided we fall

I am watching with keen intererest as everybody from the AMA to the AHA urges against repeal and replace.  These are the practictioners who treat you and your family.  A lot of them, like me, have been at it for a very long time.  We have watched as drug prices soar, insurance premiums become unreachable and quality care unavailable in what you'd call the "healthcare desert."  Think of it this way with say, food maybe.  You are technically in a food desert if you are X number of miles away from a source of fresh food.  I don't think the dollar 'gentral counts.  My closest store and the only one I shop is Kroger which is about 10 minutes away and must be accessed via a crazy four lane highway lined with fast food joints.  As healthcare goes, we are a rural setting.  That means that we can take care of your emergency and get you to somewhere else if need be.  That's why there's a helicopter out back and a bay full of ambulances, one of which sports the new green color.  Lerd.

I started saying goodbye the long way to my two friends who are moving on and found myself in tears more than once.  We still have time to wrap things up and look for new adventures.  Scotty now has access to a freakin' speedboat at Hilton Head.  How cool is that?

I feel better since I'm back on BP and thyroid meds.  Plus I've already lost 2 pounds.  The thyroid...she does not play.  The garden looks good with a couple of transplant spears visible among the tiny green blades of wheat.   It's good exercise to pick them out.  I'll be hooking up Larry's waterhose and redneck engineering it on the chair in a few.  

Group hug ~

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