Tuesday, March 28, 2017

baby week

At last count there was one delivered and cute as heck, one on the way out....no make that two.  And a first heartbeat recorded live by Bethany.  I am quite impressed with this facility if you know what I mean.  They partner with Jackson General and provide excellent early care for high risk patients.  I played with more than one baby in the waiting room today.  They have the technology to provide quality care.  I even saw an interpreter step up for a patient.  It takes a village.

After that we hit up Sonic and headed to our respective places.  Mamye was gracious enough to give us a ride for the whole deal with her recently reworked transmission and bearing or something like that.  I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life and she grabbed us a couple of Jumbo Bucks at the pit stop in Bells.  That's where we met the Palestinian who speaks perfect English except on the phone with his mom.  Born in Chicago...homegrown.  Some troll who was trying to fill up his truck asked him if he's a terrorist.  Lots of sketchy people live in that motel.  

We barely escaped an alleged tornado yesterday plus baseball size hail.  I watched the whole thing play out praying for a rainbow for my buddy. And you know what?  It happened.  Skies are clear and blue today.  Just another day in paradise.


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