Friday, March 31, 2017

blank page

Every day I come here and do the know that.  Usually there's some thing from my day that gets me to thinking and I just run with it.  This one wasn't too bad all things considered.  I'm sittin' here listening to Little Stevie and considering options and priorities.  Plus I get to sleep late for 2 days.  Tina Belle has been my wakeup call for the past two because my alarm was wonky.  I'm old and tired, what can I say.  

The worm is turning and it doesn't make me one bit happy.  It's so sad that enough voters were stupid enough to vote for this disgrace of a leader.  His presidency reads like a bad spy novel.  Yep, I'm in a mood.  

Peace out ~


  1. Oh come on now. That's all you got! I feel slighted somehow.

  2. You're not old, Janie. Tired maybe. There's lots going on to be tired about, real quick. Then you can always look at us oldersters, this one is counting down, not up anymore.