Friday, January 10, 2020


Alrighty then.  After two days of struggling again, i called my posse in for help.  Debbie and Mamye both brought me stuff I needed but I was still miserable because of the nausea.  Evidently the phenergan wasn't being absorbed because of the barfing.  I called Regina to take me to urgent care where they gave me a shot of phenergan and a sinus cocktail for this URI.  I was supposed to call her when I was done and discovered I had left my phone in her car.  I don't remember anybody's number except Lauren's so I was in a pickle.  I knew she would eventually show back up but we pulled some strings and I was able to get in touch with her.  She sat with me until I got sprite and crackers down.   Ain't nothing like sisterhood.

The wind is howling up here on the hill.  I should probably go see what's happened in the world while I was down and out.

Keep on keepin' on ^j^

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