Sunday, January 5, 2020

nature walk

One of the best things you can do for IBS is exercise which is something I've laid off of for a couple of weeks due to you know what.  I'm still weak but decided to take a walk since it's so warm.  I found the hole that I hit the other night that sent me airborne.  That was nothing short of a miracle.  Yes, I do believe.

I am still quite concerned that an impeached president pulled off the hit on a foreign leader.  That is like begging for an attack.  I do not believe our armed forces have a place in the Middle East.  It is not our business, not has it ever been.   Having a whacko POTUS is like pouring gas on a fire.  I guess he thinks he is immune to that kind of thing.  

There are people in this country literally dying for lack of decent healthcare food and housing.  They are considered collateral damage by an administration focused on war games.  Trump has played Big Ike with every world leader, more than once.  When he pulled out of the climate accord in Paris, I knew we were dead meat.

The smartest of all this bunch is Boehner, not that I particularly like his arrogant self.  He saw where the train was headed and got the heck out.  Now he's selling pot and making millions. Wake up people.  Weed is medicine, not the devil's work.  It is plant based medicine, the best kind.  No wonder big Pharm is trying to get all up in the middle of it.  

The "opioid" crisis is not new.  It is the product of many years of over medicating folks until they's hooked.  Once they're hooked and the physician tries to back off, they hit the streets where Lord knows what has been added.  Mental health and recovery service are quite limited just like the rest of healthcare.  

As a retiree with not so great insurance, I tend to shy away from diagnostics unless absolutely necessary.  It's so expensive as to be ridiculous.  Insurance payment rates are set by the Medicare folks who decide the price.  CT?  Average 8000 bucks and I need one.  I am hoping and praying that my current drug regimen will correct  the problem, even if just a while.

Peace and grace to all y'all and your mama'n'them ^j^

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