Monday, May 4, 2009

T-5 days and counting

I can hear the surf already. But FIRST we must sit through four hours of 800 kids graduating from UTM with my Babygirl being amongst the last group to walk. I think I'll take a book just in case. Ya'll don't tell anybody but I might get up and streak so as to embarrass her to the max. Depends on how hot it is up in there. I'll be in charge of my parents so that probably won't happen but it's a funny thought. It's quite amazing how the dreams of an overworked smartass country girl can turn.

Since I'm totally NOT a whiner anymore, ya'll don't realize what a freakin' relief it was to get a big fat shot of steroids and antibiotic in the butt today along with antibacterial eye drops, ear drops and pills. We codependents have a high tolerance for pain and think we can get by without seeking medical help because it's just too damned expensive. Hey...a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get well for a road trip. I go generic all the way. And Kim? I love you forever.

The nameless pup now answers to Bandit. Or he will, after he gets used to it. Bubba is like me in that he doesn't take the responsibility of adopting a pet lightly so he gave it some thought before sticking him with something that he will answer to all of his canine life. Little dude has red patches over each eye like a bandit so, there ya go. Patches is just too woosy for a guy dog.

It didn't rain today and probably won't tomorrow. A chance of sunshine. Do I hear an amen?


  1. I hope you enjoy the trip! I know the feeling of having a loved one walk across that stage. Congrats.

  2. BTW, this darn thing don't never let me log in with my wordpress credentials :(