Friday, May 22, 2009

meanwhile, down on the farm

These folks did an improptu photo shoot right in front of our coolers and chairs on the beach. Judging from the blow up party doll and monogrammed shirts, I'd say they're all employees of a certain company which shall remain nameless. We don't do endorsements here on Pecan Lane. That was day two of vacation 09 if I'm not mistaken, but I certainly could be. Too much liquor does that to a gal.

My entire freakin' middle aged body is peeling, in spite of SPF 70 and many umbrellas. Remind me to tell ya'll the story of our picnic in the Dollar General parking lot somewhere in bumfuck Alabama on the way home. Yes, we are rednecks and damned proud of it. It's a miracle that we all came together on the porch of that little house on Bungalo Lane and didn't lose any of the tram cards or house keys. Big Ernie was workin' overtime.

I see dead people lightning bugs.

All is well.


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