Friday, May 29, 2009

it takes a village

Babygirl and I have spent quite a bit of time down at my parents' house lately, helping them with chores, record keeping and various other activities of daily living. Lunch is delivered daily from a nearby restaurant and home health folks make frequent visits to check on them. Since her arm has been broken, she's needed help with baths and physical therapy. Yesterday we were fortunate enough to run into not only the home health nurse just in time to re-cert them but the lady who works for the state and brings Mom all sorts of cool gadgets for the visually impaired. Neither of them drive so BG, me and my brother take them where they need to go like hair and doctor appointments and church. I can only imagine how it must feel to be totally dependent on others for your care, but they seem to be appreciative for every single thing that we do, no matter how small. My heart goes out to those who have nobody to look out for them.

After Daddy's last wreck when he gave up his license, my brother took the truck, got it fixed and sold it yesterday. He brought Daddy the license plate to add to his collection on the shop wall that contains every plate he's ever had. This was the last, and that tore my heart out when he told me about it. Mom made the remark today as we ran errands that for me it must be like having a baby again. We got to talking about mine and BG's favorite book when she was little...."Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch. "Love you forever, like you for always. As long as you're living my baby you'll be." I used to tease her when she was needing some cuddle up time that I wanted to be the baby.

And you know what? These days I feel that way more and more often.


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  1. very sweet post! We have a blind man next door. He really can't see much, but he continues to live there, plant a garden and even bake banana bread. He calls often. We have set up a special ring when he calls, to alert us. Someone has to walk him to church (across the street and up a half a block)
    Personally, I would rather be taking care of my mom, but since she lives 600 miles away, I am taking care of someone elses parent. They live 150 miles away.
    so it goes. someone watches over my mom in turn.
    thanks for that great insight.