Monday, May 18, 2009

back to the real world

Honey I'm home! We slid back onto Pecan Lane late last night, sunburn and all and I spent today catching up to prepare for re-entry to the wonderful world of work. It's been many MANY years since I've had ten days off so the tank was definitely close to empty prior to. What with all the graduation hoopla and the arrangements that had to be made before we left, I was ready for the two nights of solid twelve hour sleep that kicked off the week in our little bungalow. There was a group from Nashvegas, one from D'burg and a lone traveler from south Texas in our party and not a cross word was spoken except for one tequila fueled argument that I was pleased to miss. We each did our own things and let everyone else do the same.

I dropped my camera in the cooler on day one and managed to salvage the card with that day's pics but it's forever dead so I'm in the market for a new one because, hey. I cannot survive without a camera. Period.

I've been to the beach in the summer many times, but never in May and I've got to say that it's the most perfect time to be on the Gulf Coast. Crowds are small and the weather is lovely. Several resort workers told us that beginning Memorial Day weekend, it's like a zoo for ten weeks and that we were fortunate to be there when we were. After we all get together and get the pics on CD, I'll have some to share.

Later ^j^

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  1. Poopie, I dropped my Kodak into Adi's water pitcher. Of course I reached right in and got it out. Then I shook all the water out that I could get. I took the card out too, but they don't get hurt. After that I sat it in the window in the sun for a couple of days.
    It worked just fine for several thousand more pictures. Finally Adi pulled it of a shelf with her tail, swiping the charging cord. It dropped to the floor. Now the shutter dealie won't go back in unless I shove it. SIL got me a new one for Christmas.

    We are back home too but I doubt that you missed us. It was our European Holiday, maybe the last one ever. I am slowly putting pictures on the blog and telling about it. About twice or so a week.

    That Bandit is a nice looking nephew pup! :-)
    Adi got sick, Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE) in Dogs. She had to be hospitalized overnight Sunday and then spent the day Monday at the vet's lockup. We had her home last night, she is some better.
    The Vet said that stress can cause it, as well as rat poisoning and other item. She asked if we had another new dog, that stresses the older one sometimes. We've had Katrin too long for that, they tolerate each now.

    Hang in there, again congrats to BG!