Thursday, September 5, 2019

Plan F

I have no idea what that is because I am not Medicare eligible but it will be gone by the time that I am able to get MC.  I am about to turn 64 which should be close enough but nada.  Of course I think everybody should have it.  That's not socialism y'all.  That's heading the chronic illnesses off at the pass by early detection and treatment.  Lifestyle modification.  So who is against this, you say.  Big Pharma.  Big Insurance.  Imagine how much of the US consumer's debt is because of corporate healthcare practice.  I am a living breathing survivor of what can happen when your employer gets greedy.

I'm not going back to the fair until Saturday but I'm enjoying everybody's pics.  Today was cooler for Senior Citizen day.   I had one mission today and got some quick down and dirty training on a process that I had never seen in action.  Since I'm not a "yuge" financial contributor I figure my service is good for a tithe.  

The earth is parched.  I can't remember the last rain but there's dust flying and pretty soon it will be corn dust.  I think it's embedded in my skin!  My sink and counter are covered with dirty dishes which must be attended to.  Laundry.  Etc.  

God is good.  Lauren is still driving a rental WITH air until the insurance company pays.  She's headed to a nearby town to check out one for sale.  Fingers crossed.

Faith ~

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