Tuesday, September 10, 2019


I had an appointment at 1:30 so I left early and ran a couple of errands.  To my horror I realized that I would be getting my picture made and I looked a hot mess.  After running home to change shirts and slap on some makeup I' meandered around and found that Trish Warren's studio Beaver Creek was open so I stopped by to introduce myself.  We have been in conversation about some artsy things so I gave a quick lowdown to her students on what may be coming up on the local art scene.  I'm going back tomorrow to tell her other class.  That just came out of the blue like most things these days.

There is now a shooting range about two miles from my house and I can hear them.  It's easy to  differentiate from shots in the bottoms.  So far all I'm hearing is single shots.  You bet your sweet ass that if the repetitive action starts I'll raise some hell.  I also saw a newly redone building called Cedar  Creek on 51S.  It definitely looks like a destination place with a lot of brands.  

The southern entrance to our city is a disgrace.  It floods so often on south main that making a go of a business there is dicey.  There is NO grocery store outside of the magic Kroger Walmart perimeter.  Someone could make a freakin' killing by building one just south of the 'burg which would catch traffic going south as well.  There's not even any place out here to get a burger except gas stations.  I've even approached one person about it who owns property near my house.  It could be right by the airport.  See?  He said "no thanks!"  I'm such a dreamer it ain't even funny.  

Anywho, thanks for all the birthday wishes.  It made the day totally about me which I needed desperately.  Now if I could just afford a spa day!

Rock on ~

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