Saturday, February 28, 2009


Being the female that I am, I figured it was time for a change from the old poops to the new so here we are on Pecan Lane...only that's where we were all along :) There won't be any political ranting or whining about the lack of sugardaddy prospects over here. It's all about the farm and how we live our days out in our little community. There will be pictures...LOTSO pictures. And some history too. Ya'll get ready for the test at the end. Since the other blog ran almost five years, I'd say you don't have to study just yet.

That shadow to the right is the tip end of a string of old sheds that have seen better days. Next week ( AFTER I get the tiller and mower out ) a dozier will be coming to bury them, along with some dead pine trees ( see the great thanksgiving asparagus burn for the cause ) and old fencing. It is snowing lightly with several inches forecast for this evening. Only in Tennessee can you see such drastic extremes of weather in a few hours.



  1. Wow! What a beautiful BLOG! I love the name, I always have! I can't wait for the pictures and the blog entries you post.
    Asparagus, mmmmmm I love asparagus. I used to gather it every other day on our farm, 118 acres of ditches and I got a giant bread bag full every time.
    I too am terrified of snakes. That made me laugh.

  2. I like your new blog. Change is good.

  3. What about this snow? Super, huh?
    Love the new blog.

  4. I love it when we make changes in blog world..... This is cool....

    Big hugs and prayers.

  5. Just to say hi Poopie. I see you didn't change your name back to Janie. Will that come?
    If you do your friends might not know you.
    When I married Mrs. Jim I changed my name back to the family pronounciation. I figured there would only be half as many to train that if I did it later because all of her friends would be calling me the new name.

    Now even most of my friends call me the right name, the ones who know me. Even though four of my kids have the other older name, OUR daughter has the right one. She even kept it professionally after she married the second time. (She is Adi's Moma.)

    I'm headed up to March 14th now, thanks for the heads up. I missed it earlier. This looks like a good blog.
    I always like to read the first pos. I don't remember if I did that with your '** happens' or not. And probably won't go look, I might.