Friday, April 12, 2013

universal precautions

In my profession that means, literally, to treat each patient as if he or she has an infectious disease and protect yourself accordingly with gloves, gowns and masks. It is a violation of patient's rights for their "diseases" like HIV or HCV to be shared with staff except for what is needed to care for the patient. Besides, the incubation period is so unpredictable for these conditions that someone might be infected but not testing positive yet. So, we treat everybody alike for self protection and act "as if" each of them could be the carrier of a deadly illness. Not only does it protect us, but other patients as well. There are two distinct camps harping over the gun control issue (with many of them on my FBpage,thankyouverymuch.) One side says hell to the naw on any kind of regulation because it's mental illness that is rampant and background checks don't stop that. Bull.Shit. A friend of mine posted today how many sales of firearms in the state of CO were stopped at the point of transaction because of universal background checks and the numbers are staggering. And just think...those are only the ones that got caught. Not included are those firearms bought illegally from other countries and their registration altered so that they can be used for killing sprees. I don't want a gun because frankly, I'd shoot my eye out. But I believe that I have the right to carry a properly registered weapon to protect myself. That's what the 2nd amendment is all about...not this large magazine bullshit that's making millions for Russia and Mexico at gun shows. They don't like us, remember? As for the use of SRUIs as an indicator of mental illness, I dare you to show me ten of your friends who don't take 'em. They are the sanity of a generation that's been stomped on and fooled with by corporate America.

BGs career in doughnut making was quite short, lasting two nights of a six night training stretch. The way she describes the process it's kinda like that episode of Lucy and Ethel on the candy conveyor belt! It is a multitasker's paradise and an ADD person's nightmare. Her car is headed back to the shop tomorrow with a repeat of the bearing incident, this time on front. So she's down at the grands in her jammie pants driving the Camry with the film flapping. I plan on getting a new application since it's payday. I'm also going to attempt to get the mower started so ya'll pray about that one. I lose patience real quick when it doesn't start the 2nd or 3rd time. Mostly weeds and orchard grass, it's a pain in the butt to maneuver with a rider due to the "nicely sculpted" hills that I could climb and mow back in the day. It's almost pool time at Gigi's and I can't wait to warm up these old bones in the sun with some sistas.

The pollen is back with a vengeance and my house is covered with dog hair and other "stuff" that I've halfway run over with dirty towels on the way through. This is the time for procrastination to STOP in this househole! Maybe. The sun is shining it's Friday and for now I'm not overdrawn. Life is good ^j^

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