Tuesday, April 30, 2013

asparagus and baby burps

Shannah had an appointment this morning before work and BG offered to keep Jordan while she's slinging BBQ. She is the happiest I have ever seen her since we met, but even at the very worst of times she manages a big smile. I reckon that's why Big Ernie blessed her with such a sweet baby boy. The last time I was around one was when my at the time boyfriend's daughter had hers and he volunteered me to babysit while he played golf. Um..yeah. Didn't last too long, if you know what I mean. I called her after two hours and told her to come get the screaming kid.

The bright yellow crop duster came roaring overhead this morning EARLY and now we're breathing it. Time for some central AC I say. I'm off and loving it which is kind of a perk lately with being off on a weekday. Every weekend has been rainy as long as I can remember and still quite chilly on average. My brother and I were chatting at the gas pump about how it needs to dry up for corn planting and I asked how many acres are involved. Just with the two farms, there are about a thousand acres flooded by the Forked Deer alone. Not to mention all that flatland down by the Big Muddy. My friends who got washed away in '10 rebuilt only really high up and now they just chill in their treehouse oblivious to the rising water. Kinda like having a pond! In June, farming will crank up down there as well.

I'm picking spears twice a day now as peak season approaches and watching carefully for mr snake as I pull weeds at the same time. Might as well as long as I'm down there, ya know? Younger brother is back in the valley I assume following a whirlwind visit to the farm. As a publisher and gifted photographer he and his wife have created a wonderful vision of small time life hidden away from the hustle and bustle. I envy them that as I keep on plodding through the rat race that will never be won. I know..first you've gotta get off the wheel.

Central air on and door wide open. Yep, I might be a redneck.

Love ya....mean it j^

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