Tuesday, April 16, 2013

mr snake rears his head

I have come to realize that whenever I see Mr. Snake alive and squirming that chaos soon follows and have begun to put that together in a way that I just wait for things to hit. As I was making the turn onto our lane yesterday I saw him for the first time this year all sprawled out on the warm pavement warning me. No sooner did I get home and hit the PC until I read about the rigged pressure cooker blowout that killed and injured many many innocents. I hesitated to place blame until we were assured that there was no random explosion thing going on, but I knew in my heart it was a terrorist act, foreign OR domestic. To say that this country is filled with extremist nut jobs is an understatement. As a nation we are so fractured that we don't stand a chance against a unified front unless we pledge to stick together and accept compromise. Not everybody can be right, but finding something that is acceptable to both sides of an issue is a requirement for democracy. To thump the King James version and claim that your point is found in there leaves out the other half of the world and their beliefs. Big Ernie would say "not cool."

Then I proceeded to get into a very long and agitated chat with my mother about how things are and must be in order for them to stay at home and we both ended up crying. I even hung up on her, which is something I've NEVER done. As it turns out, she was just the messenger of all the vitriol that my father is spewing these days, full of hatred and anger and control. Time for some more crazy meds, I reckon. Ya'll know for sure that I don't have the answers or I would have smooth used 'em five years ago. It's a day by day experience, just like anything else. Being the good girl that I am, ya'll know how hard it was for me to call her back and see if we're still all kosher. I picked her up from bridge today where she sits blindly while the others sling cards and cut throats.

I never make those lists of top friends/movies/whatever because my ADD makes it really hard to settle on just one ;) The way I look at life it's a tapestry that is woven from every experience that we have. That's the cool thing about blessings and love. The more you share, the more you get to enjoy. I was humbled beyond belief today as I read the words of one of my oldest blog buddies/partners in writing crime and couldn't stop the tears as I read it to my Bossfriend. He's one of the many who love me that I will probably never meet but who have given me something to live for over the years. Why would I go out to a singles bar when I can stay home, drink and blog to high heaven!

I was so agitated yesterday that I broke down and gave BG the card for season 8 of Weeds so there's that to look forward to. A season is just over so damn quick...especially when it's the last! Per usual TN weather, we've gone from winter straight to summer with no ambient temps in the forecast but lots of potential for severe. Go figure.

Ya'll keep praying ^j^

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