Sunday, April 28, 2013

on the waterfront

BG dropped me off at the cabin yesterday and I sat sipping beer and listening to the sounds of nature from way up high. It's kinda like being in a tree house on that porch and the tree lines have been cleared to where you can see forevah! The Forked Deer is out(as usual) and several acres won't be tillable for a couple of months. It always happens in the spring, then we're doing a rain dance by July. It is very cool to watch the sun reflect off that massive backwater, and even cooler to observe a line of incoming thundershowers.

What could have been a huge breach of trust has turned right around into a blessing so I'm glad I learned lots of years ago to get mad and get over it. I spent so many years hanging onto the "good girl" image who must passively aggressively manipulate everyone else by being their puppet. Now, If I've got something to say it's out of my mouth (in a non-threatening way) claiming ownership of my own feelings. And usually like um, pretty quick. But then? I'm over it. Life is too short to carry around a bag full of hurt and anger.

Quiet at the sawmill except for waxing floors and whatnot. This has been a good weekend for it since everybody evidently has gotten past the flu and didn't want to get out in the rain for an ER run. I'll take it. We got to talk for once and laugh about silly stuff like who's gonna get their mama's bread bowl. We were discussing Weeds and they had never heard of it but both thought it sounded pretty damn funny! Imagine me sitting there trying to explain Magestic and Agrestic to a couple of southern Baptists. Yeah, it's kinda hard to wrap your head around that one.

Bro has come and will be shortly gone after putting out the fire he's got going over the way. We did one of those stream of consciousness things yesterday going from one topic to another and for once on even political ground since we both just give up on changing anything by the electoral method. As kids, it was pounded into our heads during year after year of civics class that Congress is elected by and serves the people who vote them in. That is certainly not the case anymore what with all the lobbying by big business. Yes NRA, that's you. And Big Pharm too. And insurance? OH PULEEEZ. I'd rather take my chances with the jihadists. At least they don't take your money and live the high life.

I do believe the old Poopster has found her inner rebel ^j^

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