Friday, April 26, 2013

chinny whiskers and sprite

I am to the point in life where estrogen is lacking and facial hair gets out of control at times. I refuse to shave 'em, so I have to sit in my car with tweezers all looking like a dork plucking them out, usually at work. I've been without the car at work this week so after running to the dollar store and loan sharks found myself sitting in the driveway in that nasty old Camry pulling away. I know...ya'll wish you were me. Baby brother is due to arrive today so Mom is on a mission to make his favorite dish of "meat pies" which requires cooking of roast first then grinding it together with onions and baking wrapped in biscuit dough. Then, brown gravy on top. BG was supposed to get the stuff yesterday but ended up throwing up her toenails all day so I swung by the store AGAIN to get needed items. Oh.My.Lord. Thank goodness the tire thing happened yesterday instead of today.

I also stopped by to pay a little on an old bill that was not forgiven and found the office "closed." Just my luck, ya'll. I was ready to face the office manager and everything. Yesterday was one of those where the doors were flung wide open and dogs ran in and out while I did the same. I'm learning how to mow the yard and mulch at the same time which is much easier than hauling bags. A friend borrowed the push one and it should come back to me starting which it never did after June of last year. There are two partial nests in a little cubbie thing on my front porch but that'll never happen because of all the critters!

I'm getting to where I'm sort of a hermit (shut UP) because I enjoy being at home so much. Sitting on that front porch is like heaven listening to nature sing and dance. I miss the sound of cows mooing, but they were too much trouble to chase in these hills and valleys. Daddy spent forty years in the wilderness doing that at night and on weekends. I'm still re-watching the Botwins last season because it's all I've got besides old movies and I paid big bucks for it. Definitely a classic, ya'll but you have to know the REST of the story. And appreciate the humor, of course. I will never look at drug lords and Jews the same way again.

I noticed a call for short story submissions on one of my daily reads and I'm down for that. I'm not a "write a whole book" type of author. I can tell stories all day long, just don't ask me to take it to the next level by publishing. Maybe one day when (and if) things settle down. Self publishing is big business and a whole lot less tedious that doing book tours all over the country. When I got my first computer there was a tool for just that and I remember asking myself who in the world would use it. Ha!

Tomorrow is almost free rabies shot day and a bargain for eight bucks. Oscar's been done so we have Sam and Ryder who need to go. I think Sophie is too little at not yet three months. I'll be at the sawmill saving lives so that chore will go to BG. Which means she'll have to get up and take me to work at six in the one running car. Her shop bill will have to wait because of the tires.

Blessed...truly blessed^j^

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