Monday, April 8, 2013

monday musings

I would almost work every weekend just to know the joy of not having to punch the clock on Monday morning before the sun comes up. I slept for FOURTEEN hours last night and still want more. I'm on call for work in case Big and Little's grandchild decides to be born. We all just try to work together and help each other out because we're at the age where shit happens more and more often. Mr. Big is cancer free and looking forward to a beach vacay with the family in June. I might just have to send him a fruitcake to Orange Beach.

BG was supposed to go into doughnut training tonight but her boss told her to hang on 'til tomorrow so we get to spend the afternoon together after she does her duty with the grands. Daddy's control of almost everything has been taken away so he still hangs on to the monthly filling of his tiny little nerve pill as a big event. I visited with bro today while getting gas and we didn't have any crises to discuss so there's a blessing in and of itself. So what if they fight? I just don't wanna hear it. They are both so feeble one couldn't hurt the other. It's verbal with them...tit for tat and I told ya so. Mom expects him to be the old Billy and he's not. His frontal lobe is ravaged with dementia and he just isn't capable of caring for her. Thus, plan B. So far so good.

Someone forgave a debt for me not too long ago and I will forever more be grateful to that sweet soul. I'm trying my best to get things lined up where I'm square with the economy and BG's three jobs should help a lot. I read today where the Westevil Baptists are picketing Ebert's funeral and thought to myself "morons." God is good ya'll, not all judgmental and redneck and hateful. I guarantee you if Sci acted like that he'd be out of a job in a heartbeat. Go on back to your hole haters. You will not win.

We're still sifting through memories here with lots of pics to be scanned and whatnot. Not sure that I'll get around to reading all the letters but I hope so. The burning of the house is on hold until the shed gets situated. We also have a new security light by the dairy barn which totally makes me feel less vulnerable out here in the dark. It all seems to be coming together somehow and all I've done is show up and let go.

Imagine that ^j^

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