Tuesday, April 2, 2013

lurking as sport

There are some folks evidently who get their jollies stalking others on the interwebs causing mayhem all around. For the life of me I can't understand why Big Ernie picked Nigeria as the internet cafe kingdom of the world. That is precisely where the printed UPS label that was sent to me was headed with all the "stuff" that this person somewhere or another had shipped to me to "forward". Never mind that I was young and innocent when it came to chat rooms. This guy could talk a real deal! First he sent me a teddy bear with flowers and a mushy card. Then came the goods: digital camera, nice cell phone, several pairs of shoes and I can't remember what else. Day after day this continued and I opened them one by one, all addressed to Prince Fred at my address. The problem came when i refused to ship the (obviously) stolen goods to the Nigerian address because I was calling the law. Dude got seriously in a twit and started threatening me by email and calling me at work using an ATT operator who was supposed to be helping the sight impaired. She then proceeded to tell me 2nd hand to "send me my stuff or else" and then explained to me how the whole operator assisted keyboard thing works. That's when I threw up my hands and called the local sheriff's office. My friend was sheriff then and one of his investigators came out to see what was up. He looked around at all those boxes and said for me to keep the stuff if I wanted to. He was acting on authority of homeland security. But NOOOOOOO I was such a damn good girl I boxed it all back up and returned it on my dime. Didn't want any part of it. Count Z told me at the time that I had a lot of good karma coming, and he was right. I've been blessed beyond belief in ways that I can't even begin to remember until something jogs my memory. Blog fairy is just one of the many folks with whom I've never had facetime yet count as the ones who are holding me up.

BG's car is running again but needs more work which is definitely not in the budget but has to be done. Even though hers is newer than mine, it's american made and made a kazillion road trips to UTM, a two hour commute when she was a social work student. At that point she had a full time gig at a hotel on the graveyard shift and went straight from there to classes. Not much sleeping went on but she was young and determined. It was a rude awakening to find that mental health in general but particularly for-profit providers were grossly understaffed. She was assigned a regular case load but also give responsibility for start up of group meetings for at risk kids it the local middle schools. There was one here and one ten miles down the road. About three months in she was the first responder to a horrific wreck on the interstate as she was going to visit a client. The young woman died with her as they waited for the ambulance. She then went on to visit the client and come home howling and sobbing with hysteria. I certainly know the feeling. After that her bosses who were not at friendly people decided to throw another employee under the bus and add her groups (20 miles away) onto that already stretched agenda. Needless to say, she started to come unglued. I could look at her and tell that she had never really grieved a thing in her life choosing instead to run and hide. The past two years have been a real trying time for us in every way and I'm so proud that we are finally true partners instead of boss and kid. As I said, others have criticized me for that but I see it as only a plus.

One of my old friends at work lost her son to suicide over the weekend and my heart just aches for her. She is in the top 5 of nurses that I totally respect and would trust with my life. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, period. It just doesn't seem like the right order of things, ya know. I have come to believe though, over time, that when your number is up it doesn't matter what the situation, it will happen. That's why faith is such a nifty thing and gives us freedom from fear. I try to remind myself every once in awhile what I would do if I knew my life would be over today. Knowing me I'd be too busy making a list of things to do and run out of time.

Still gray, dreary and SLEETING??? on April 2nd. I mean really? This is Tennessee ya'll. We're already past the "snow on Easter" stories so let's move onto some sun. Not your typical summer heat and humidity, mind you. Just sunshine. I feel like I've been trapped in this house for ages even as I go through the motions of working and whatever the hell else I do. I want to plant something dammit! I did a tour today with some locals in a leadership group explaining exactly what, how and why we do what we do in the lab. They were so totally interested and this one chick was like a little kid wanting to look in forbidden places and asked tons of questions. I love those kind of minds! I don't know your name girl, but you made my day.

We are waiting for the rain to slack off prior to the ceremonial burning of the Bizzle house now that it sits empty of anything worth having. Most of it is in my living room/office which was actually clean before that project filled it back up. There is organization thoughout, and actual piles with intentions. It's time to pass on some heirlooms and share the joy. The freakiest thing is having my mother's girl scout uniform and wedding dress hanging in here staring at me day after day. They are both in mint condition after 60 years. Her ADK beanie hangs above somebody's antique crochet dress. Cool as shit, ya'll. The timing has been wonderful as I needed the money from the scrap and wanted to go through the family stuff. None of said profit has made its' way to my account yet, but I have faith.

My class, the Dyersburg High School class of '73 will be celebrating a 40 year reunion this year. Oh lord, what happened to youth. At the ten year I was one of a handful who already didn't have little kids and by 20 and 30 it was all about us remembering and having a good time. Ya'll better watch out kids. Who knows what will get blogged about the big event!


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