Thursday, April 25, 2013

little black cloud, act IV

In spite of a firm resolution to sleep in, the sun woke me and Sammy D up before 8 so I got up and stumbled around waking up slowly from a fitful sleep. Somewhere during my dreams Ky cousin came to see me to say that she didn't really die and she's getting ready for canning season. My wandering always includes caffeine and a dose of the interwebs just to see what's shaking in the world. This morning's big news is that a barge hit the Mississippi River bridge going from MO to TN and shut down interstate traffic. The water is so high somebody did an oops and misjudged. It happens during floods and droughts. The river is constantly changing according to weather conditions and whatnot. That mid-western flood water has to go somewhere!

We had nothing to wash clothes with so I headed to the dollar store and on the way home the trusty old Camry started to shake something awful up front. I pulled over, checked the (formerly) flat tire and saw it was up so I headed on. Then it started BAD! Day before payday is a good time to have this happen, but three tires were definitely not in the plans. Thank goodness the tire place was only a quarter mile up the road. Even used, they ride amazingly smoother than the others with the wires poking out. That last one isn't showing yet, but will be soon. See why I don't get out much? Well, that and the price of gas plus the plastic window deal.

Today is Dubya's big event in Dallas and I hope everyone has a lovely time in spite of how much I bitched about he and Cheney. Bless his heart, he was led by the evil ones into all sorts of mistakes. The 50 or so protesters aren't really protesting HIM just the whole war thing and they're mad at Obama too. Go figure that one. I reckon the drawdown wasn't fast enough for them.

While I was waiting on tires, the UPS guy who used to pick up and deliver for my brother's online company jumped out hauling a tire and I told him bro would be in town soon. I remember him sitting in the big brown truck down there in the shade chatting with everybody in the afternoons. That was before the packed it all up in plastic tubs and headed to Virginia.

My brother of all people called yesterday to suggest a new med for Daddy that he had heard does wonders for dementia. I won't tell you what it is, but the Botwins would approve. At this point, we'll take any kind of help we can get. Seroquel is toxic and doesn't work anymore so why the hell not? In the words of my dear friend Sue: "It is what it is." Both have docs appointments next week so that will be on the agenda.

Meanwhile...the weather is gorgeous again and it's asthma time in Tennessee. I managed to knock out a few kinks in the old bod last night but there's a lot left to work on. A massage would be wonderful but once know the drill. One step forward, two steps back.

Keeping the faith. Hope you are as well ^j^


  1. I've often considered partaking of Botwin approved pharmaceuticals for my wonky joints and fits of depression.

  2. I have a feeling we're about to see a THC revolution, once those of us in legal weed states don't float off into joblessness or stare at the sun too long or go straight to Hell. They'll be using it in dentist offices in five years. Betcha.