Monday, April 29, 2013

first hummer

Hmm..that should make for some interesting searches. While I was chilling on the new front porch in my ex-not-even-friends roommates glider a red throated hummingbird dive bombed my head looking for food but happy with azalea blooms just the same. This weekend's monsoon has passed and it's still chilly and pollenous. Is that a word? Faith's grave now has two knockout rose bushes, properly planted and soon to be fed. Nobody can say we didn't love that girl for her entire life. Who knew she could get pregnant at age 10? We have Ryder and Sophie and will concentrate on keeping them healthy along with the boys. Sam is so gay and fixed so he's low maint. I'm taking up a collection for two girlie spays and then we're assured of being a four dog family. As long as Luke doesn't show up! Lily is about to realize there's a new diva dog in town but is still annoying when she knocks shit off just to be mean. Get over it honey.

People are all really sick but a whole bunch of them don't have coverage including my insurance poor BG. Two of my favorite nurses have gone into business together and offer reduced cash pay office visits. With some who do have coverage, they can afford to give individual care without losing their asses. Too much of healthcare is a connective type deal where the big dog owns the whole deal and trades on Wall Street. Remember Bill Frist and HCA? Shameful ya'll. That a man would use the healing arts to make his point for right to life is disgusting. Okay, now I'm done with that one and rest in peace Terri.

The extended military presence in Iraq/Afghanistan I place squarely on the shoulders of the Bush administration, Cheney and Halliburton in particular. Honestly, I think Dubya was a nice co-dependent man and surrounded by greedy GOP mongers. I mean..gah. Remember poor Betty Ford and her battle with chemical dependence. The Republican party has steadily put good guys with easy strings to pull up as candidates for a caucus that to this day wants to go fifty years backwards with women's rights and prove that Obama is a Muslim spy taking over the world. Immigration is an issue that will never be solved until we help to restore stability to other nations so that their poor and downtrodden don't show up on our beaches. As a USDA agent my daddy spent his final years of service digging through boats ferrying illegal immigrants from Cuba to Miami. Many of them were from prisons and mentally ill. Castro was a real ass, I've heard.

My BFF Timothy called last night as he usually does when he's off work from customs at MEM and we chatted about the state of the grands. His parents and mine were best friends when we were kids, along with the Mallards. Mom and Miss Jeanne still go to the same beauty shop, you know. Angel's! Brother is somewhere between here and home and probably looking forward to seeing his kids. I have to hand it to him, he has smooth learned how to disconnect and pay attention to priorities. And then? Have some wine.

Gotta go...there's a tick on my head.

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