Tuesday, April 23, 2013

oh happy day

I've had my phone for about two months and just now figured out how to get pictures on it. Therefore, I've been avoiding all those shitty anti-demolibtardian jokes that a certain someone has been sending my way. This arrogant ass actually had the balls to tell me he deleted me from his FB page because of my beliefs. WTF? Since when does friendship have a damn thing to do with political persuasion? Sadly in our country there's a line drawn in the sand that denies the ability to compromise and feed the money machine a little bit longer. Jihad is just one mentally disturbed man's way of using religion as an excuse to melt down. That probably isn't what Big Ernie likes to see, especially in his name. BG and I discussed it today...the whole "the end is coming" deal and decided quickly that we'll go out standing and doing the right thing. Mama would be so ashamed if we didn't.

My favorite end of the world scene is that one where they're on the beach just waiting for the tsunami to hit and chillin'. Hopefully, calm and holding hands on the way down. It's right up there with Steve Carrell and what's her name at their apocalypse. That's how I wanna go..not dead on the concrete floors of a hospital. HOWEVER I need money for rent and groceries so I get up and go and give it my all in the time that I'm there. I've heard there's lots of chat about the new law that will allow employers access to your FB account. If that happens, I'll walk...not because I have anything to hide but because it's an invasion of my privacy. They already drug screen me and run a tight ship. What I do when I'm off is my own business. FB is blocked on most corporate systems so that's not an issue. Next thing you know they'll be taking away phones and giving us guns. No ....wait! We save people. Just kidding, ya'll. There's no place I'd rather spend my golden years. Except on an island. With Sugardaddy and a big fat bottle of Grey Goose.

BG and I have been off and on together today which is getting to be a routine with one running vehicle and two elders depending on us. A couple of years ago I pledged to stick with a friend on some serious detox like therapy like start-from-scratch back to step one thing. I never imagined the road would be as long as it has been or as hard. I've met others along that road who have it much worse than me and manage to smile and be helpful. That's all I've ever wanted, really. Sometimes when we start a journey it is on faith alone when the odds seem impossible. That's what J would do.

So anyways...I fired off an electronic communication to my senators today and promptly got spammed by the TN gun lobby when it hit Corker's server. Haven't heard yet from Alexander. I'm telling ya'll, things gotta be different or we're all screwed. Hope you have some Xanax for the trip to hell. There..I can see homeland security tracking that phrase ten ways to midnight. According to my ex-friend it's all about Obama, and the Muslim scouts over there at Watts Barr planning the end of the world. Whatever dude. I wish I had back every minute I spent trying to adore you.

Peace ^j^

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  1. Doesn't sound so happy, Poopie. I had a friend de-face me too. I told him I am a true conservative. Pay the bills then cut the taxes.

    He didn't go for that. I told him that most conservatives aren't really conservatives, they just want to join the club of b**ers and he de-faced me.

    I still see him and play golf with him sometimes and he never mentions the de-facing. I don't either.

    Too bad about the TN lobby, I am about to find out if there is a TX lobby that can find me. I do have a couple of guns and a BB gun but nobody's going to take them. All Texans have a few.