Sunday, December 14, 2014

up on the front porch!

Yesterday was a long one because of the non-stop pain in my shoulder and upper arm. When I was visiting Mom she told me that "they" say it's a new ailment that is caused by looking down at a smart phone. Hmm..never thought about that! The pain is centered in the back but has moved thanks to another MFR treatment. I figure after a couple more the bitch will be pushed out of my fascia and laying dead on the floor with retro music playing softly. I can't find a comfy way to sleep so it was a fitful 12 hours up in my bed full of dogs. Plus Boogs was here and screamed a bunch. Terrible twos and all that. BG said he even woke up several times during the night which he never does out here. I was smooth asleep when all four dogs started raising hell and I popped out of bed to see what was the matter. Peeping out the window I saw two figures unloading a Christmas tree from the top of a Jeep. These two turned out to be none other than the MFR therapist Gay and my cousin Sandy! They even brought a stand and some personal ornaments, one for each of them. Wanna' know the real karma in all this? We gave away our fake one so Booger's family could have two!! That one was a gift from an antique/junk shop dealer with whom I did business last year. I see a circle going on there, don't y'all?

I always have church duty with Daddy but today was a late service and they gave me the first Sunday morning off I've had in forever. He and Tony will hold down the fort and go to Daylight afterwards, I feel sure. There he will have the "skinny".. wheat toast, scrambled eggs and bacon which he eats one thing at a time and then moves on to the next. My new favorite is cheesy hashbrowns made by Jennie. I have spent many a Sunday morning in that place joined by farmers, the entire Sellers SS class and random kids with wide eyes at the pastry counter. It is where the paper gets read and sports gets discussed and people know you and your order by name. They ask about Mom every time we go.

Speaking of Mom, we perused the cookbook yesterday for party mix and coconut balls and ended up making peanut butter ones. Mama used to host this Christmas extravaganza for their friends every year and cooked for weeks prior to, putting each candy in little tins for the big night. She even gave everybody an ornament! I remember one year it had to be canceled because her potassium dropped out and she was having muscle contractions. Just thinking about all that hard work makes my muscles contract! Her home has always been seasonal and beautiful. There was usually a live tree and it often got planted in the yard which is why there's a ginormous pine grove where the garden used to be.

I'm done with bitching about the politicians because nobody listens anyway and the ones who do are the very same ones who want to argue on a party line. I am a liberal however, that does not mean I'm a Dem. I prefer the term progressive, if you will. I could probably get into a little GOP stuff if they didn't all walk around like they're mad at the little people and want them to stay in their place. And as for you 50 something Dems who were involved in that spending bill deal? Thanks for trying. The rest of you can go to CitiGroup hell in a handbasket.

Gotta' wait for help to get the tree up...and some lights. Love ya'...mean it ^j^

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