Sunday, December 28, 2014


In the usual sense of the word, that means for something to be over. As in court, church, whatever you are attending where someone in authority says it's time to formally make it over. There is yet another meaning of that same word which describes how one's ideas can be written off as not only not possible but foolish. This usually happens with those in a power position as well, the ones who have you by the short hairs. Bosses do it...parents do it. In my case presently someone who doesn't give a shit about me or my family is calling the shots with our lives here. I have mentioned before that I am perpetually attached to this farm as in would HATE to leave but I see it coming. Don't own means can't defend and the rules and honor of my father's generation are long gone. My future is in the hands of some thirty somethings who also don't care except for the money it brings them. I think I mentioned that my father began as manager of the farm in 1956 when I was a year old and it was arranged by my maternal grandfather who managed properties. Until the age of 55 he did double duty as a USDA man during the day and small farmer all the rest of the time. It was a wonderful way to grow up riding on hay trucks and seeing cows give birth.

The owner would visit couple of times a year and bring the whole family that included several boys and a girl. They would visit on the screened in porch or under the magnolia trees sitting in yard chairs and posing for the vacation picture at the shack. It was Daddy's job to make sure the horses were healthy and get them ready to ride. I remember seeing him being treated as "their boy" more or less and being angry but I had to get over it when I realized that he himself just followed in his own father's footsteps being a sharecropper. His farm $$ did indeed buy cars and food and lots of Christmas presents. I'm sure it even helped pay for my college degree.

Here's my point...There is within each of us a dreamer, one who wants to leave a mark on the world in a positive way, thinking that it's possible and NOK won't shoot the idea down with a drone. No wait, that's Obama who has drones. Everyone has the desire to be kind and good unless they are mentally ill and even they do too at times. A totalitarian sort of capitalistic caste system is rampant in this country and it is by no means something that is just Tea Party adrenaline. I read today that the Kochs and Soros are "talking" which makes me snort because the extremists of both polarized parties are being forced to reach across the aisle, if you will. It's about us guys...remember? We the people?????

So anyway my idea was dismissed and I immediately went to plan B which included keeping my appointment with the framer because she's also a personal trainer and overall fun gal..I can tell on the phone. More friends are dropping by so I'm excited aboutjust not going ANYWHERE for a day. Well, except maybe to the Dock.

Peace and love and go Bernie ^j^

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