Friday, December 19, 2014

nearing the mark

I am four posts away from hitting my stopping point at Poop Happens. I may live long enough to break that record but only because what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Like the flu and drama and whatnot. It seems as if the giant mega pharm companies have miscalculated again on their strain mix and it's on like donkey kong. And how do we know this? Because we test every freakin' body for it! My logic on this is dude..if you see a normal or reduced white count and symptoms of the flu which are pretty easy to spot, what difference does it make that you have an "official" diagnosis. We all survived it before the kits came out because it wasn't such a CYA mentality and more like common sense on the practitioner's part. Trust me...I know these things. The tests add to an already outrageous bill which often goes unpaid in states like TN where the uninsured gather and raid ERs for free care. I've been told that the two big corporations based here have leaned on Haslam to consider Medicaid expansion. Ya' think? Money talks.

BG is in the death throes of it but went to work anyway because um, you know. It's what you do when you need money. Her minimum wage gig doesn't include sick days or other such benefits so there you go to work sick as a dog. If nothing else, this job has taught her that you never quit just because it's hard and that's a very good lesson. In spite of some tense moments during the past couple of days I've been blessed with gifts of ham and Applebee's with a pecan pie on the side so I won't complain. Besides, what good does it do?

Mama and I just had a very confusing chat about Carol Burnett collections and she asked me to look it up on the computer so I went to Amazon and gave her a quote on a 7 disc set. She then proceeded to tell me about the TV only offer for 5 payments of 20 bucks and was there number on Amazon? *facepalm* They wrote the number down wrong and got some medical supply place instead. Can you imagine them answering a call from my Mama with Carol on the brain? It makes me smile to think about the whole scenario. I told her I'd do more research and let her know tomorrow when I visit. I've been way too busy to even get her underwear with the JCP gift cards and that just MIGHT have to wait until after the big day when everything is reduced and the traffic is a bit more manageable. To quote the guy on Hill Street Blues "Be careful out there."

I got a new calendar when I went to the electric company to pay my past due bill so it's hanging in the kitchen which is not very dirty thanks to my clean daughter. What she lacks in rent money she pays back in labor. As I was leaving I ran into Mama Lena and John and she shared that she had finally sold her house. After her husband died, she moved on to the next life which is in Memphis mostly. I noticed a returned mail fee posted to my online bank statement and had been waiting for the new card to come so I figured something went wrong. My bank peeps said it was listed as "undeliverable". The cute mailman who feeds the dogs must have had the day off because he would have known the damn address is right. Who changes the name of a road? Sheesh. If I had my name it would be Pecan Lane.

Happy weekend before Christmas kids. Don't forget you know who is watching ^j^

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