Wednesday, December 31, 2014

auld lang syne

Holiday Inn is my favorite old B&W movie and I be I've watched it a million times. There's something special about holidays, or there used to be before everything got all commercialized. Though I'm a firm believer in not waiting until a special occasion to give someone a gift, it's always nice to be remembered at those times. Right now I'm on the road to Epiphany, crossing the desert on a camel looking for that star. Tomorrow is not only a new day but a whole new year. I used to get all psyched up about a clean calendar promising lots of important things. At the age of 59 I can honestly say that's not the norm. Life is filled to the brim with survival tactics that would rival Hunger Games in intensity, for me and for many others. Shit happens, times change and before you know it normal has morphed into something new. I think that the ability to embrace change is one of the most important things that can enhance satisfaction with life. I have learned a lot of lessons this year that will be helpful next time around, such as:

It's not all Obama's fault.

Always pay attention to the weather when there is ice involved.

You can't borrow your way out of debt.

Rehab does not mean it's over.

If someone hurts you by being who they are, it's your problem not theirs.

You will miss your parents forever even before they are gone.

One bad day doesn't equal a bad life. Peaks and valleys y'all.

There are good kind people in the world who don't hoard their money or talents. Jesus wants us to be like them.

Each day is an opportunity to do the next right thing.

No matter how bad life seems, somebody else always has it worse.

When the economy is lousy, the price of gas goes down because demand tanks when nobody can afford to go anywhere except the Koch brothers.

Kim and Putin are foolish asshats who are made to look bigger than life by the media while their people suffer.

That's just a smattering of Poopie's nuggets of wisdom circa 2014. I am weary in spite of a lot of self care and I don't see an opportunity any time soon for that to change unless I win the lottery and I don't play so there you go. It tears me up seeing people spend 50 bucks on tickets while I get 10 in gas but it's their money. I reckon they'll eat the paper after it's scratched off.

Happy holidays~

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