Tuesday, December 9, 2014

one day vacay

I'll be the first to admit that I've been spoiled to not working over 40 hours a week in many years and could afford it until the post-2008 economic shitstorm. At that point it was discovered that our reduced work hours were in fact not enough to qualify several of us for company subsidized bennies so all us old folks went to full time and more. Plus people die and have surgery and whatnot and I got covered after mine so there you go. My failure to work at PT is now a big fat honking pain in my right shoulder all the way down my arm and up the neck AKA "the bitch." She rested while I was off and not multitasking but has come back to haunt me. I'm counting on Gay and Victor to help a girl out. He can actually pop backs by picking you up and shaking if you're not too tense.

One of my favorite doctor type co-workers is in his final days after fighting cancer for many years longer than anybody expected. He is younger than me and was always one of everybody's favs in spite of some temper tantrums but then...all doctors do that. Especially surgeons! He asked me to come to work for him back in my POL days and I was tempted but the whole lab in a doctor's office thing went out of style because of limits on self referral. I worked for one crazy bastard who actually thought he could MAKE money from running a full service ER out of and old school practitioner's office. His waiting room was always packed and his wife asked me to help out with the "lab piece." Ethereal friend had already given up on it because Jesus, it was a mess. Dude ended up offing himself but not until after landing a personal plane on the highway in Paris TN. You can't make this shit up.

The grands are in a holding pattern which is good and she's even getting a perm today, her first in 5 months or so. He will be out for lunch tomorrow which is prime time for a Memaw visit. They're having their own little Christmas there with the fallen angel tree and occasional chimes from the carol clock. We're all laying low and enjoying not being in some hospital for a change. Take it as it comes, y'all. You never know when all hell's gonna' break loose.

Still no tree...nor have I made a trip upstairs to find the best ornaments. I've got the angel that Little Sharry gave me years ago down here at the nativity scene and that's about it other than bits and pieces in boxes. The Scarlett in me just thinks it will wait 'til tomorrow.

Keep the faith ^j^

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