Tuesday, December 30, 2014

funky cold (medina)

If you remember that and have ever done a chair dance to it, raise your hand! It's a great song to stretch the bitch out to, if you know what I mean. I slept a solid 12 hours and never woke except to turn over. As long as I live I will never take that opportunity for granted again. When you're old and tired it takes a long time to regroup. I see my body wearing out pretty quickly and that doesn't bode well for living a long and prosperous time during my golden years, wherever they may be. I've spent the morning washing clothes and cleaning the office, adding to the already existing piles that are recognizable. You gotta' start somewhere.

Earlier I was gazing at the ceilings noting that they were spray painted by my late KY cousin and haven't been touched in 26 years except for cleaning. Now mind you, I have no vacuum cleaner so that involves climbing a ladder with a Swiffer which is not such a good idea for this old gal. Maybe when I have a day off I can borrow mama's Electrolux and get rid of the dust bunnies so we can breathe better. It's a thought for something to do when I'm not hauling garbage in the not so trusty old Camry. There has been no driver's side door handle for years as its' little plastic bonded to metal piece broke off in the ice. Today wasn't icy but it was cold so I wasn't really surprised when the one on the passenger's side did the same while I was attempting to clean out the floor. This was when I ran home at break to check on BG who fell on her tailbone (aka coccyx) for the 4th time today. Little black cloud, I tell you.

There comes a point when one sees the opportunity to jump off the sinking ship even if there is no rescue boat visible and that is where I find myself now on a lot of different levels. I have lived a somewhat "safe" life in a small town doing respectable things like raising a child and raising hell when I got the chance only to find myself stuck and miserable. There is nothing wrong with that by any means, but it begs for something a bit more fun for the last chapter of my life and I will claim it because I can and it's not too late. Possibilities are what's up. Other than that? I got nothing except another downed Asian plane. I bet that fat little fuck in NOK did it. Keep the faith ^j^

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