Sunday, November 9, 2014

runnin' on empty

I't's a beautiful autumn day on the lane, the second in a row before the typhoon induced polar vortex hits later in the week. I went to scoop up some of mama's clothes yesterday and sorted through them at home last night. While Daddy was at church this morning I finished the deed including cleaning out the freezer and bringing home the last of Carney's pimento cheese plus ten boxes of frozen honey buns. You can never have too many, ya' know. Wheelchair and walker are in my back seat and the trunk is full of odd crap from the haunted house down the road. I swear I heard the ghost of Mrs. Ferguson up in there.

Daddy and I walked in this morning bearing giftsclothes and such and found mama sweating it out with her cold blooded roommate. She's got her own fan now, BTW. Kaffy had already been there with some chocolate and Mary Lynn was visiting when we arrived. I'm not sure what this particular sound is about but it might be a bed alarm. Somewhere over the rainbow plays pretty regular, if you know what I mean. We passed through the dining room just in time to hear a young gospel choir praise God to the heavens led by a young man with a talented voice who was channeling the Lord. Daddy even managed to get excited over that! Jacko the bird wasn't in his usual perch but right around the corner visiting with his bestie. They have conversations all the time. Hateful bird wouldn't talk to me at all. We saw Aunt Granny and she wanted to know why we were there. Her table mate is a lady with whom I used to work at the Parkview hospital.

One of the oddest things I've found is my grandmother's bank book for an account that was closed in 1984, the year BG was born. I'm not sure what was up at that point except that her youngest son had died in 79 and left her with nothing. Mom and Aunt Granny helped her to live on whatever kind of retirement she had which I'm sure wasn't much. They did it out of love and guilt and honor and a whole lot of other reasons, but mainly because she was their mother. There were many reasons to be bitter about how it all went down, but there's one in every family so we might as well get over it.

There are only two more weeks of class left and I'm sure I'm invested in From the Back Burner for the long haul. We shall see how long the 2005 Dell sporting Windows XP delivers. If I was a betting gal I'd say a complete crash is imminent. Small business development and education have been key issues for our governor. An option for a two year paid for ride is pretty sweet. Meanwhile Stephen Fincher continues to make millions from big farm deals and has a storefront office on our court square. You know...right there next to Monte's beer garden and the oldest hardware store in Tennessee the Forked Deer. Yeah..we're all about the river history aren't we? Y'all know that's how Reelfoot Lake happened after the big earthquake and the Mighty Mississippi ran backwards. Economic activity has picked up tremendously there due to the construction of I-69. At one time a proposed route went right by this farm.

I'm worn out but it's a good kind of tired like when you get things accomplished instead of running in circles and falling into a hot mess. As long as mama's happy, everybody's happy.


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