Monday, November 3, 2014

just another manic monday

Once again, the vision has changed. In addition to my own failing eyesight, plans change willy nilly and often much to our collective chagrin. Mama had a doc's appointment this morning and everybody was working plus their 85 year old driver had pneumonia so it got rescheduled to right when I got off. Actually BG was off by then too but ...oh, it's a long story and I'm tired. My brother and I picked through three floors of garbage looking for something more interesting than an empty beer bottle. Think the worse episode of hoarders ever and mulitply by ten and you have the picture. How? Do people live this way? I'm a packrat and all but dayum. At least there's some future purpose to my piles! This place is like nobody ever heard of trash bags bad. It will be beautiful when it's clean and the location is to die for. It could honestly be the old clubhouse that Harry dreamed about on the ridge close by. There is an drawing of the plan hanging in the shack. I have two large chunks of crystal that came one of a pair of bathroom lamps. It was that family's little home away from home and they partied down with the best of this community's finest and richest. Law and banking were lucrative professions.

Co.Starters was good to be back into even if I did have an ink pen explode all over my hands. My right thumb looks like I just voted in Iraq. I will indeed vote tomorrow on several issues and candidates. Most people have me pigeon holed as a demolibtard but they underestimate the power of a pissed off middle aged woman and a whiny do-nothing Congress. They've done a lot of filibustering and name calling but that's about the size of anything important being accomplished because it's all Obama's fault. As much as I despise Dick Cheney, I don't blame him at all for what happened in the Middle East because greed is one of the seven deadly ones. I reckon sloth would be mine. I'm not so sure about the POTUS. Big ears maybe?

I feel like I'm coming apart at the seams on days like this where it feels like a trudge to get through all the things on my "to do" list. When Mama and I were speeding cruising toward Dr. H for a little head and neck check and med reconciliation she mentioned that it had been two three months since she'd been out in the 'burg. I must say that I appreciate his skills with the elderly and his nurse is cute as heck. Dude actually earns his medicare $$ by listening to the patient. Well, it also helps to have an "almost nurse" patient's advocate ready with a roll call of meds and discharge orders. Before her last hospital visit she told me that she appreciates all that we do. Then yesterday she wished she was dead. *sigh* Anywho, Daddy is being much nicer because he's afraid we'll commit him to a psych unit if he doesn't quit yelling and help a girl out. The biggest challenge is getting her to give up worrying as a hobby. I'll probably be the same way when my world shrinks to the size that hers has.

So, since the family silver is actually plated, I guess I'll just keep looking for SD. All I can say is he better tolerate sloth.

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  1. I suspect he will tolerate anything if he has to. Sorry about all that; seems we should be able to catch a break now and then.