Friday, November 28, 2014

means to an end

It makes me quite sad to see that retailers like WalMart and the dollar stores threw their employees under the bus on Thanksgiving. Of course, I remember when there was a blue law and they couldn't even open stores on Sunday! Still no liquor sales on poll days or holidays in most of the south. And no beer between 3A and 7A? That one totally blows my mind. Like all the damn raving beeraholics are out causing trouble during those hours...give me a break. I guess it's to keep the "overserved" from dropping by for one last cold one after the bars close and give them time to fry chicken. Who the hell knows.

I had turkey and dressing twice yesterday and I'm still hungry for a turkey sammich but, leftovers. That was always my favorite part of Thanksgiving, if there was any left. BG learned how to brine, deep fry and smoke a bird this year thanks to her current employment opportunity. Seems like her tailbone is better even though the chips are still moving around back there. The Cadi is running fine and still sucking gas but so is the (trusty old) Camry. Thank goodness it's cheap right now. My goal for December is to get some propane before it goes apeshit crazy on the price.

I'm still pretty blown away that I miscalculated my accident date by two months but then we had a lot going on then like people moving in and out and whatnot. The other icestorm is when Shannah and Boogs fell on the ice together and he broke his ankle. How amazing that a young person's leg can heal in six weeks and my mother's still isn't mended. That's why calcium is important, y'all. Eat an antacid a day to keep the osteoporosis away. Trust me, I'm almost a nurse.

With all the bitching about Black Friday backtracking into Thanksgiving night some good seems to have come from it. From all reports crowds were lighter today because all the good stuff got gone last night so it was just your usual not insanely cheap but affordable sales which is not a bad thing for the economy. When the big box stores advertises cheap TVs you can be sure it's not worth the hassle to be first in line. Evidently BestBuy's website went down today which is what scientists would call "unfortunate" for their sales. I could care less.

My nativity scene is out, the one that consists of my parents' stable and baby Jesus plus various and sundry other players. Every year I add something different to the crowd around the manger because that's how I view the meaning of the Christ...inclusive and always adding new believers. My Jesus does not discriminate because of race, religion or lifestyle nor does he endorse war or killing of any kind. All that stuff is just the devil.

Merry Hannukawannza ^j^

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