Sunday, November 30, 2014

homeward bound

This weekend has been a reckoning of sorts for me in that it's the first time in months that I've been focused enough on my own business to do accounting and catch up with old friends. It comes (of course) on the eve of my mother's departure from the care facility to home one more time. It's been a revolving door for the past three years with frequent hospital and rehab admissions. According to Medicare, she must have a 90 day "wellness" period in order to receive another hundred days. I have nothing but good things to say about the staffs at both facilities where she has spent rehab time. That gig, however, is up. We're back to one day at a time here at the homestead which means I'm back on call 24/7. is what it is. It's not like I have a life outside of working and sleeping.

It's about 70 degrees which is typical for Tennessee at this time of the year. Next thing you know it'll be 20 again with ice on the roads. I've been trying to get in the Christmas spirit but all in all that's kind of difficult at the moment what with everything that's going on. I've enjoyed looking at everybody else's tree online but I'm pretty sure ours will be one of those Charlie Brown sticks. Booger spent the night and I actually watched Despicable Me today while listening to him wail and fuss. Terrible almost two, if you know what I mean. Nothing suited him...nothing at all. I know the feeling well.

So, I'm sitting here with nothing to say which is not a good sign by any means. When I fail to find something to pontificate about it's usually because I'm wore ass out. Me and Daddy hauled all of mom's stuff back to the log cabin after eggs and doughnuts and even stopped to get some dilly bars so she will be set on arrival tomorrow. Muffins and Stouffers as well! She doesn't eat much anymore which is part of the aging process I suppose. Right now, I'd give anything to be on a beach somewhere listening to the sound of surf and nature. Maybe next year.

Feliz Navidad ^j^

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