Monday, November 17, 2014

and then it snowed

I was all looking forward to the pre-dawn meteor shower on my way to work and found that mother nature blessed us with an inch of show instead. After I got the car thawed out and headed to the sawmill I did notice a few stars but no shooting ones. This old gal stepped very lightly down the icy back steps toward the ancient Camry that takes me every freakin' where. Thank goodness I had a can of spray de-icer for the windshield. What I would give for a carport on a cold morning! We had a staff meeting and everybody showed up so the bosses were pleased to have everybody and their kids'n'them being briefed. It was short and sweet which is how I like it. Since me and BG are sharing a car she made a run to the dolla' store for TP while I was being schooled. Oh, and picked up a sleeping Boogs at the sitter to deliver him to his sister on the couch where they have heat.

We, on the other hand, have an empty propane tank and a few electric heaters. After the meeting I wandered over to see Mama and found her sleeping soundly so I just let it be. BG picked me up back over in the freezing cold parking lot, childless but loaded with paper and BCs. We had to get gas and a bite to eat but it was so cold we sat in the car at Merry Castle waiting for our triple castle burgers and watching folks smoke on the back dock of the furniture store across the parking lot. I visited an attorney today and will see another one later and hopefully have some sort of idea where my life is headed in the near future. Lord knows it could get worse but I choose manifestation of angels and fairies. And rainbows, by golly.

I've been on a wing and a prayer for about five years now, trying to keep the world twirling when in fact, that is not my job but Big Ernie's. I'm sure y'all know by now that co-dependency is my addiction which is sort of a false self-hood living through other people and their issues instead of pursuing your own dreams. It sucks to be 60 years old and just now starting that journey. I mean...what if ISIS or the fools in Ferguson kill us before the job is done? That is where faith in beliefs comes together with what J would do. These punks are jerking us around thanks to MSM and an addiction to drama. Same for Kimaye and all the rest of them. Get over it.

How in the hell did we turn into a nation that spends more money on sports branding in a year than we spend on making the world a better place. One of the original sins is greed and I've seen more than I care to remember during my time as a US citizen and inhabitant of mother earth. And licensed healthcare professional, BTW. In the great state of Tennessee, home of the Great Smokey Mountains and lots of orange and white. In my next life, that's where I'll live if it's not Fiji. Rough math puts the Atlantic coast within a few hours of that vicinity. I could live with that vs. 12 hours to Destin.

Keep praying y'all. And be specific ^j^

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