Sunday, February 1, 2015

gimme' shelter

It has rained cats and dogs for many hours now and it's nice to be inside for the day. The wind was blowing just the right way where it leaked a river on the bathroom floor at Casa Grands so there's towels and a bucket for now. Yeah I know. Lori was with Mom so there wasn't that to worry about but we got right onto notification of the proper people about the fall risk. Have I told you how much I adore this woman??? She and mama talked the whole time and that's what therapy is all about. TLC is what the elderly need and come to mention it I'm getting there. Today is Amateur Night #2 with the #1 spot going to New Year's Eve as far as people who get drunk and drive. I'm sure Seattle will win because my friend Chuck has put has put his mojo on them and Tom Brady is now "tarnished". Ante up people!

I've had the best time this weekend piddling and going through history, attempting to archive what's a keeper and trash the rest. I have a copy of the Saturday Evening Post when JFK was murdered that is a real classic and a copy of the Commercial Appeal from when Ike passed. My mother was a real historian you know. As daddy and I drove back through town on the way home I asked him the dates on all the downtown landmarks including the hospital where I was born. He put that one at about 1900. One of the more progressive banks in our city houses their offices in the former Cordell Hull hotel building. Shoutout to Megan and John and that whole bunch.

So I have a sore throat (again) and feel like shit so it's time for some oil pulling and detoxing and whatnot. My only trip out of the house yesterday was to get straw bales for the beginning of my garden. The nice young man there loaded 'em into the Camry and away we went all looking redneck and shit. SammyD was riding shotgun and we made it home without incident. In case you haven't notice, I'm in one of those moods that can't really be defined. Certain realities have become painfully obvious and I struggle with letting go of feelings of betrayal at times. If you have never been thrown under the proverbial bus, count yourself blessed.

And always...keep the faith ^j^

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