Monday, February 16, 2015

ice ice baby

Well I made it through day one of our artic chillfest without putting the trusty old Camry in the ditch. Ordinarily I'd be trying for a new one but it's only worth about a thousand bucks. Maybe a few more with hubcaps! I sat in the parking lot at church yesterday and watched as two very wealthy friends of mine drove in and and embark from luxury vehicles on their way to worship. I have no problem with that and I realize that they both do very good things for others with their money. I just have to wonder if the least of these are among them. I have no money to give but I help whenever and however I can and that counts. While they serve as pillars of the community, I wander the streets and say "hey y'all..'sup."

So yesterday sucked on MANY levels and I put out a FB post detailing what was about to go down which was Casa Poops for a week or more. The water ordinarily wouldn't have frozen in the 20s but when the propane ran out the house got cold and there ya' go. I had lost propane guy's landline (where wifey answers) and actually called the local law enforcement to get them to look it up. He was already out delivering getting folks warmed up for the coming days. He got to my house about 3pM and it was toasty soon after. Then plumber guy came with his sidekick and they ran a bigass torch in the basement and insulated the pump. ON A SUNDAY in the cold. Now I don't know about you folks, but that's the kind of friends you know are true. Topping things off in the blessings department, all services are paid for by corporate and an anonymous donor. Let's call her BF, shall we?

I learned last year that it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to thaw out a car when there's an icestorm which we most certainly had. I don't know what happened to the snow but it wasn't much. It's pretty out here when snow is on the ground and even more so when I remember to feed the birds. The hill up our lane is tricky and if you don't make it all the way up, you might as well walk home. I stayed stuck there for two days last year. These are all things that Northern residents deal with 24/7 but for small town podunk Tennessee, it's a huge deal. Traffic was still just one lane this afternoon and moving slow. I was glad to get home with my goods from the gas and chicken store and settle down in the office. The water didn't come back on until ten PM and I was smooth out when I heard Lauren holler' "we've got WATER!" I damn near did a dance and enjoyed this morning's shower like nobody's business. Lucky for me she's in charge of TV recording and I have the entire SNL 40th anniversary thingie that I can skip commercials on. How sweet is that?

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