Saturday, February 7, 2015

in a nutshell

By my very own personal standards, the sawmill was pretty okay and I'm thankful for that because I'm wore ass out and it's only day 2 of 5. I was all excited about coming home to play outside and move straw bales to their resting place but the wind was too much and it is February after all. I know how to make compost tea now and also how to change the SRV on a hematology instrument because I've done it a few times. Same for changing the cuvette wheel and doing calibration on the hundreds of pieces of equipment we've used. It's what I do, plus sticking squalling babies and saying "bless your heart" to some frail old person with no family around to witness the madness. People simply do not understand that nobody lives forever and sometimes aggressive care is not the best answer if the patient is suffering or just says NO. Our national healthcare system is clogged to the gills with emergency rooms who have no history or warning about the sick and injured who will either catch a ride or be brought in by EMS. Since a redneck Republican committee of our great state senate shot down a chance for something different I'm still mad. I'm sure there are "reasons" that the governor threw this out to be devoured before people ever knew what was up. "Too much like Obamacare, my ass" she said.

This whole thing with Boehner and Israel is way out of hand and I'd say if either one of them wants to represent "the people" they should just remember who they are, and it certainly ain't Big Ernie. I feel bad about Bobbi Brown but not at all surprised considering the history up in that family. We have TV again and I'm looking forward to Better Call Saul because I know a bunch of lawyers just like him, and a few guys like Mike. It's always good to have them in the wings. Also I will be recording CBS Sunday Morning for the first time in forever because I love it. And SNL. Don't judge because I paid the giant mega broadcast company for a simple pleasure like 500 channels of which I watch maybe 10. QVC ain't my thing and the DVD player is about dead.


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