Friday, February 20, 2015

the 8th wonder(s)

Right now they are Mich Ultra, coconut oil (organic,always) and the fact that I made it through this week without falling on my ass or running into something. I know Yanks..I'm a woos. I guess our southern state governments better start penciling "global warming" into the budget. Ryder seems like she might be with child and of course we all know who babies' daddy is. Remember Chester? We were praying it wouldn't take but she's putting on weight and hanging low. She's our beautiful but stupid daughter of Faith who was sired by a Great Dane named Luke. Only a real dog lover knows the names in that family tree. Faith was just one of those out of the blue miracles who crawled up out of a ditch behind Big Mama at Rhonda's house. Story had it that the crackhead across the road was planning on selling the whole bunch and we got lucky when they escaped. I just let the pups in and heard the clattering of freezing rain or some other some such perfect ending to our week of winter. It should change to rain in the morning as the temp rises and then we'll have a hide and watch.

Things have been pretty smooth at Casa Grands even without Ms Faye's daily presence this week. Daddy's geriatric specialist says that he won't increase the calming meds without a neuro consult and even after a call from the sweet as pie nurse, he said no and hung up on her. I told her he does that to everybody and she understood. I have a hard time visualizing the line between being a good daughter v healthcare provider in more than one way. I realize that they're old and want to stay at home, as I would. But here's the thing..he's got a type of dementia that requires a total domination of what has been "his" place for 59 years. They live in that log cabin we call home because of a gentleman's agreement with corporate. I, on the other hand, pay rent on a hundred year old farmhouse that has had no improvements over a 26 year span other than expensive floors and a new porch. Not even paint unless I did the labor.

There is vinyl siding which has never been pressure washed and a full basement and attic that are mostly empty now with most of it sitting hither and yon on the main level. My room is clean and that helps me rest better. The office is cluttered but organized and I'm on a roll outta' here to the next chapter which will probably involve a beach somewhere. To hell with snow and ice.

Peace out~

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