Sunday, February 15, 2015

green acres

I'm sure it was a lovely place but the perils of country living are constant during the winter. I went to bed right after the sun did not expecting the big temperature drop until mid-morning today so I was not so pleasantly surprised to wake up and find a)no propane, b)frozen pipes and c)a flat tire which one can of fix-a-flat crapped out on. The dollar general wasn't open yet so I sat in the parking lot in the Cadi waiting for the manager to open up and let me buy more. I also scooped up some deicer and a couple of scrapers because things look mighty bad for these parts during the next 24 hours. My parents are snug but will have nobody to look after them for the next few until Ms Faye can safely get out again. Lori lives 30 minutes away and I'll be at work. Lauren threw a bitchfit this morning over the whole thing while Booger screamed because it's so "hard to be him". Meanwhile, I'm making deals with the devil to get heat and water and transportation. We're over the madness now and have kicked into survival mode 'cuz that's what country girls do. There is a holey blanket hanging over the dining room door which takes the brunt of the northwest wind. I nailed it up in a fit of defiance toward old man winter that he thinks I'm that much of a wimp. Meanwhile, my friend Lorna sits in Lake county about to be buried in snow and also with no heat, just water. Her phone will be cut off tomorrow and there's no car so she is stranded. If I know her, she'll be lighting candles and calling to karma!

Mom and daddy had their 61st anniversary yesterday and I'm amazed to even think of a union that long. Their wedding picture got more "likes" than anything I've ever posted because everybody knows them and loves 'em to death. Daddy got pissed at the dollar store today when his card wouldn't work so he just paid with cash. It wasn't a pretty scene what with everybody scurrying for bread and milk. We ate our breakfasts in silence for the most part, turning now and then to crane our necks toward the TV carrying that superstorm our way. My brother is currently at minus something and he hates cold weather like I hate the heat. HOWEVER. Considering the past winter and this current one? Not.So.Much.

The last warm day we had I wandered around in the yard looking at whatever was brave enough to jump out and get frozen. Walking the yard is a ritual for me because I know where every flower grows and every pet is buried. It's something that daddy and I do together as he did with his own mother. I reckon that's how the farmer in him got born.

Stay warm and drive careful ^j^

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